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008 is inspired by Peggy Guggenheim, a symbol of avant-garde, excess, art and fun.

“I love floating to such an extent that I can’t think of anything more beautiful,” a Guggenheim quote that reveals her passion for a “liquid” city like Venice.

A nocturnal woman, intoxicated with sex and pleasures and the protagonist of the most acidic art of her time, she is the muse of this collection.

008 represents a cocktail of fluorine, mischievous, partying and passionate women. A mixture of color, flavor and visual sensations.

The magical elixir of the cocktail mesmerizes art lovers with the shapes, the fluidity and the new movement of the brand.

Lime yellow and absinthe green, hallucinogenic codes contrast with a pale blue and blackberry tones that appease the ecstasy of a crazy night.

Liquid forms supply the usual volumes of Ernesto Naranjo.

A toast to Peggy.