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009 doesn’t sleep, defies the rules and enjoys the sunrise. 009 have fun extending the party. Spins moving through the crowd, looks for a reflection and wants to forget.

The Fall/Winter 2022 collection invites you to an After Party. We’ve come from the wildest Peggy Guggenheim parties, we’ve laughed, we’ve danced and swore to stop… but we wanted more.

For Winter 2022, the brand presents a collection where its DNA is reinforced in the women’s line and moves into another stage.

The Ernesto Naranjos man is ready and signs up for the party. He’s on the VIP list and he doesn’t want to wait, he runs and gets on stage, follows and joins the cool group.

Dark colors such as shadow brown, blue and gray contrast with metallic elements, ironic and surreal forms. Transparencies and asymmetric prints that remind us of well-known elements but that have been distorted during the night.

These remnants of past dreams that continue to excite us encourage us to continue, not to stop, not to waste a second. LIFE is short and you have to enjoy it. HAVE FUN!