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Evolve, challenge yourself, challenge the rhythm, do you follow me?

In 011, Ernesto Naranjo winks at society by transforming and falsifying reality. Woman breathes and reveals a sensuality never seen in the designer’s collections.

The feminine lines are the main guide, a path of light fabrics that define an explosive body. Curves that reveal, through color filters, a woman who takes risks and protects herself at the same time.

Wavy shapes that are framed in straight silhouettes and that are reminiscent of past collections, following the essence of the designer; offer your client timeless garments that breathe novelty.

We are surrounded by superfluous filters, skins and decorations. Fooling technologies is not easy, but we can play with shapes to uncover reality. Symmetrical lines that envelop the body, extend as protection and show a confluence of personalities. Games of garments and overlays that are mixed with textures and unexpected combinations.

The 011 woman does not lie, she only expresses a new way of seeing the DNA of the brand. Watercolor technical fabrics, honest structures and a movement that does not leave, it only approaches a warmer, more physical, more sexual place.