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Erwin Blumenfeld and Face App, love at first sight?

012 wants to hide and show itself at the same time, it seeks balance and pleasure. Why do we edit ourselves? “Natural Beauty” filters, we want to be real but not completely. Searching for beauty is not something current, film´s stars from all over the world have already done it by adding a veiled layer in their photographs or videos. Now technology leads us to create the character we always dream of, the one that society dictates us, do we really decide or are we forced?

The Spring Summer 2024 collection continues to recreate a world of dreams found through the filter, through beauty application, through makeup/non-makeup. The colors, fabrics and textures use printed tull and metallic fabrics to take us to a duplicated reality. Bright greens, dusty pinks, distorted palettes, unrecognizable flowers and feathers and a full lipstick red.

Once again we see clothes that are exchanged on bodies, without gender, without definition. The DNA of the brand uses elasticity and pattern cutting to adapt, to not create limits, so that the body dictates the shape.