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013 takes us into the club, moves around a deconstructed set, dances with the main character, the showgirl, a body that attracts the attention of its victims through her silhouette and beauty.

This woman can sing and knows how to dance and act on the stage, a woman who, is visible to everyone but, at the same time, reserved and mysterious.

By playing with her sexuality, 013 can get whatever she needs. Through the silhouettes we observe its feminine tone, exalting the women´s figure as the maximum reference. Silhouettes that do not necessarily have to show the woman who wears it, but hide and help her create different characters protecting her from the club’s aggressive side.

She is a showgirl who deconstructs herself through textures and colors, using all what she owns to become someone else. A life wrapped in velvet curtains, chandeliers crystals, transparent pleasers and fake radiant fur.

For winter 2024, a return to the use of Ernesto Naranjo’s characteristic geometric pattern is proposed using circles, triangles and rectangles, the most primitive forms of design. A come back to his Central Saint Martins times, the collection is made of fabrics from London most recurrent fabric places, Shepherds Bush, Berwick Street and Woolcrest. This origins offer the brand’s woman femininity, timelessness and striking touch. Vibrant colors such as red and peach that mix with darker ones such as navy blue, black and brown, which contrast with glassware elements, the velvet of the upholstery, the warming hair and the circular and triangular shapes of the clothes and accessories that break the atmosphere.

Transparencies and gradient prints that transport us to that fog, to that mist that forms in the club due to the heat and sweat of the skin against the clothes during the show.